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Pineapple Peel Sparkle

Alternative uses for that which is usually thrown away

My mom used to make Pineapple beer when we were kids. Whenever we had pineapple, she would use the peels to make this super easy, very bubbly pineapple flavoured soft drink. It is along similar lines to ginger beer in that it does not require the addition of yeast. I love this recipe because it delays the peels’ transit to the compost heap, thus ensuring that all of the nutrients/ goodness are not lost to the system. Next time I make it, I will be freezing the peels that come out of the water to use in fruit scrap vinegar that will then get made once there are enough fruit scraps.

Ingredients and Method

  1. Wash, peel and core pineapple, retain the peel and core. Discard green leafy bit into compost pile
  2. Into a large ceramic, glass or stainless steel container, add the peel and core, a cup of sugar (250ml)handful of raisins (optional) and 2L of water
  3. Stir till the sugar dissolves and cover with a cloth or loose lid to keep the flies out.
  4. Stir daily for 2 days, then strain the liquid into pressure safe bottles like the ones in the picture. Not all glass bottles are suitable for this purpose, if the bottle originally contained sparkly stuff, then it should be safe for this purpose. (1L Bulmers bottles are perfect)
  5. Allow the gas to build for a few days, as the drink matures, more of the sugar will be turned into carbon dioxide, so it will get drier and more gassy
  6. Enjoy chilled! Warning: This drink can be very fizzy, so care is required when opening the bottle!
  7. Notes: If less fizz is required, use less sugar, this is a loose recipe, and open to be experimented with.
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