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    Greener living, Sustainable home and bodycare

    Green Home and Body Care, 8th Feb 2020

    "I absolutely loved this workshop, the timing and pace was great, not too fast or too slow. Content was great too, I liked that we covered household products and cosmetics for the whole body. Good balance between discussion and practical activities too. Thanks a million!"


    "Great course all round, gel and cold process soap making really interesting, Zaneta is very approachable and enthusiastic"


    "Really enjoyed cold process soap making, so simple. The workshop was informative, I enjoyed how knowledgeable Zaneta was, she kept things moving to get through all the details. Really enjoyed it!"


    "Really fun atmosphere created in which questions and information sharing could take place, I learned lots of interesting things, Thanks!"


    "Very enjoyable day, great to see the soap and shampoo being made, and all the different ideas that came forward in the discussion, it was really useful to see different products I was not familiar with"


    "I enjoyed this workshop very much. Good mix of practical and discussion of how to be greener. Very approachable style, made it very easy to see how to apply recipes and advice at home and for everyday"


    "I loved the idea of using bentonite clay, its so useful and I never thought about it, Effective Microorgansims is totally new for me, thanks for that, being vegan, I love the idea of using shea butter in place of bees wax for moisturisers"


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